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This page explains the Questionnaire function.

Questionnaire allows you to have students respond to questions you have set by entering text or uploading a file in addition to letting them give responses from among previously input selections.

Thus, you can use not only simple questionnaires, but also mini tests etc.

A function that handles response results by, in addition to listing the state of responses, totaling the response results is provided.

And you can save the state of responses in a csv file, so you can easily quote it in other documents, etc.

In cases where there are many questions etc., setting each question with GUI is a hard task, so you can import them all with a csv file.

Guide to questionnaire functions

Methods of using Questionnaire/Mini test/Other

  1. Questionnaire (Registration)
  2. Questionnaire (modification)
  3. Questionnaire (deleting a Questionnaire)
  4. Questionnaire (Importing and preparing a CSV)
  5. Questionnaire (State of responses list)
  6. Questionnaire (Report)
  7. Questionnaire (saving submitted files)
  8. Questionnaire (mini test)

Last-Modified: November 17, 2015

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