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Basic Gmail operations

Basic Gmail operations

Refer to the following file.
Screen designs and expressions in the file are as of May 2012. Please adapt as required should there be any differences.
Basic Gmail operations (PDF)

【Web manual】Basic Gmail operations

  1. Receiving and Reading Emails
    1. The Inbox and displaying emails
    2. Email threads
  1. Composing and sending emails
    1. Before sending emails
    2. Composing and sending new emails
    3. Composing an email from Contacts
    4. Replying to emails
    5. Forwarding emails
    6. Calling email from draft
    7. Attaching files
    8. Automatically forwarding emails
  1. Organizing emails
    1. Classifying emails by labels
    2. Starring emails
    3. Archiving emails
    4. Deleting emails
    5. Automatically sort emails using filters
  1. Other
    1. Searching emails
    2. Printing emails
    3. Spam
    4. Importance markers
  1. More details

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