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keio.jp User's Manual

A. What is the Keio Single Sign-On System?

Previously, each system at Keio used a different authentication mechanism. After accessing one service and moving to another service, the user had to enter their ID and password again, even if the ID and password were the same for both services. Moreover, although the same ID, such as a employee number (ID Number) and student ID number, was used for multiple services, changing the password for one system does not change the password on the other systems. This meant you had to remember as many ID and password sets as the number of services you used.

This new single sign-on system eliminates such inconvenience. Once you have authenticated, you can access the various services requiring authentication without having to repeatedly enter your ID and password. Today, many universities and companies have adopted such a single sign-on system, which enables users to access multiple services.

B. keio.jp and the Keio ID

keio.jp is the general name for the Keio Single Sign-On System.
The Keio ID is the ID used to access keio.jp.

keio.jp A general name for the Keio Single Sign-On System
Keio ID The ID used to access keio.jp. The ID is in email address format.
Example: keiotaro@keio.jp
The Keio ID acquired before March, 2015 (like the following) is also usable.
Example: keiotaro@xx.keio.jp

To access keio.jp, you start by obtaining a Keio ID.
This process is called activation.

C. keio.jp Screen Renewal

keio.jp screen was renewed on December 7, 2013.

For details, please refer to the following page.

There are no downtime during the renewal maintenance.

Last-Modified: March 14, 2016

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